Mesh Belt Hardening Furnaces

Our Mesh Belt Systems, in all sizes up to 6,000 lbs./hour, are designed for maximum performance offering a wide range of features. These include engineered zone control that offer the user excellent uniformity and carbon control. These features allow for less time between loads on the belt, increasing customer profitability. We offer optional SIC alloy burner systems with recuperators. Weigh/Load/Feed Systems are also available.

Cast Belt Hardening Furnaces

Today’s extra tonnage in the heat treating industry can be efficiently run through any of our Cast Belt Systems. These units are engineered for energy efficiency with optional SIC or single-end recuperated burners. Heavy-duty construction designed for maximum efficiency creates high production, and low maintenance systems.

Pusher Tray Furnaces

Pusher tray furnaces are a style of furnace where trays are pushed through the furnace and then can also feed into other companion equipment.  The trays are fully guided through the furnace on Silicon Carbide rails.  The most common tray size is 36” square, but we provide Pusher Furnaces with trays as small as 24” square up to 60” square.

Rolling Hearth Furnaces

Roller Hearth Furnaces are self-emptying.  Products or trays enter one side of the furnace and exit on the opposite side.  Also, Roller Hearth Furnaces are used for a variety of different processes such as Normalizing, Annealing, Isothermal Annealing, Carburizing, and Hardening.

Continuous Draw Furnaces

We build a complete range of sizes of field-tested Continuous Draw Systems for stand-alone or in-line applications. High-flow recirculating systems, coupled with high-efficiency burners and controls, offer large capacity with excellent uniformity for today’s tough standards. Optional Belt Washer Systems and air-to-water forced cooling systems are also available.

Continuous Annealing Furnaces

We offer all size capacities in atmosphere or non-atmosphere Anneal Furnaces for the industry. Belt or roller-hearth type can be adapted to any customer requirements or plant layouts. High-efficiency burner systems with SIC or alloy tubes coupled with PLC controls are standard features of this equipment.

For more information about how a continuous system can benefit your specific needs and how we can build one that’s customized to those needs, contact us today.