Aluminum Solution Heat Treating Horizontal Fast Quench Furnace

[60” x 60” x 48” High (7 second quench)]

Williams designed the Horizontal Fast Quench Furnace using our vast experience with Heat Treating Furnaces and material handling. Low overhead issues required Williams to provide a product for the industry that fits a smaller footprint.

The material handling design uses a proven rear handler that is used on our Batch Integral Quench Furnaces. The load transfer system to quench of 7 seconds meets AMS2771 specification. The Batch Furnace comes with a double deck quench elevator that once again is used in our Batch Integral Quench Furnaces. The double deck elevator allows a new load to be transferred into the furnace while a load is being quenched.

The furnace can be loaded/unloaded with a standard charge car or manually loaded.  Aging can be performed in this unit as well or stand-alone units are available upon request.